Real Estate Law

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From getting into and getting out of leases to getting sued for failing to disclose items in a seller’s disclosure notice, Decker Poole, PLLC can help. Olyn often represents landlords needing to evict non-paying tenants and banks needing to foreclose on a loan. Kelly has litigated multiple cases on both sides involving residential defects as well as landlords facing a tenant’s walk out.

  • Document Preparation Services for Commercial and Residential Real Property Transactions
  • Foreclosure
  • Mechanics and Materialmen’s Liens and the Litigation Related Thereto
  • Sellers Disclosure Notices and Fraud in a Real Estate Transaction
  • Lease negotiations and disputes
  • Deeds, Deeds of Trust to secure Assumption, Quitclaim or Deeds Without Warranty
  • Owelty Liens
  • Promissory Notes
  •  Suits to Quiet Title
  •  Adverse Possession


“I was incredibly grateful to Kelly for successfully defending me against accusations of fraud in a real estate transaction and especially for getting me all of my attorney’s fees at trial.”
Sandra K.



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