About Kelly

Fort Worth native Kelly Decker enjoys litigation of all kinds and is Board Certified in Family Law.

Her friends consider her laid back but her colleagues consider her intense. Her clients enjoy a certain confidence having her lead their case in spite of the uncertain civil and family justice system. Licensed since 2005, Kelly has had over one hundred cases in Tarrant County, Texas and has reputation for “going for it” among local attorneys.

Kelly prides herself on knowing when to escalate litigation with increased discovery, depositions, pre-trial motions and theatre. She also knows when to take it down a notch and to check for bee hives before poking around.

Kelly possesses a hard to come by perseverance for her clients especially when cases get complicated, both financially and personally. Although she does not have a crystal ball, she has seen enough to know what is coming and how to prepare her client for all stages of litigation. Her most favorite state is the trial stage.

When Kelly is not at work, she and her husband are taking care of their three children. When she is not taking care of her three children, she is involved in the community. When she is not doing that she is contemplating, but probably not actually going on, a trip to see her horse in Aledo, Texas.

Favorite Quote:

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Education & Court Admissions

  • Education & Court Admissions & Certifications
  • University of Texas, (B.A., 2001)
  • Texas Tech University, (J.D., 2005)
  • Supreme Court of Texas, (2005)
  • Board Certified in Family Law, By the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (2017)
  • United States District Court, Northern District of Texas (2005)


  • Kelly recently obtained her client’s attorney’s fees ($16,000) in a take nothing judgment arising out of a fraud in a real estate case. Her client in that case said “I was stunned with the outcome. I was prepared for the worst when the Judge gave us everything we asked for.”
  • Obtained trial verdict upholding pre-nuptual agreement.
  • Represented father who obtained primary conservatorship of child.
  • Obtained standard possession for father of child with alleged severe medical delay.
  • Represented spouse who negotiated disproportionate share of community estate based upon earnings of the parties.

Commercial Litigation

  • Obtained judgment for commercial landlord against tenant. Upheld on appeal. McAlister v.
  • Hatbreeze Props., L.L.C., 2012 Tex. App. LEXIS 1417 (Tex. App. Fort Worth Feb. 23, 2012).
  • Obtained a take nothing summary judgment against credit card company against an individual.
  • In a family court trial, Kelly was able to successfully make the case for her client to win back custody after a protracted and very personal battle. That client, also in shock, stated “I thought all hope was lost until Kelly agreed to take my case.”
  • In a complicated settlement between a couple who owned a highly successful business, Kelly orchestrated a settlement with tax protection and secured long term payments.